Men anpil, chay pa lou.
With many hands, the load is not heavy. (Haitian Proverb)

The roots of democracy are desperately trying to take hold in Haiti but cannot because of a flawed foundation. In Haiti, the fundamental principles of justice are not applied to those with power and influence, money and eminence, as different socio-economic status means different status and treatment before the law. In Haiti, even the most basic rights such as the right not to be tortured and beaten upon arrest are brazenly ignored.

It is how the system has worked for almost 200 years. Yet, the system is slowly cracking, and it is cracking under the weight of the diligent work of the RNDDH.

To continue to persevere, RNDDH greatly depends on the commitment and solidarity of concerned individuals and organizations – both in Haiti and in other countries – to support it in the fight against injustice and impunity.

RNDDH needs individuals, organizations and governments alike to demonstrate their commitment to the precious principles upon which their countries are founded, by seeking change in countries where those principles are ignored.

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